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We offer a "Money Back Guarantee" if you follow the plan and do not get results!

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Ditch the diet!
Stop counting calories!
Get your best body!

The 9 Week Fat Buster Online Challenge is a roadmap for life:  Be your healthiest self, keep the weight off and experience a new you!

You get:

  • Access to the exclusive online community:  All you need is a Facebook Account.
  • Ongoing support:  From your personal health coach, Zazeh Morfittis.
  • Bonus phase-in:  4-day pre-challenge – get ready for kick-off!
  • Bonus phase-out:  1 week + wind down – get advice on the best next steps.
  • Yummy recipes:  Learn how to make quick and healthy meals with tasty, fresh foods.
  • Fitness tips:  Get guidance on the best exercise for lasting results.
  • Inspiration:  To be your best – for life!

Dump the fat!


Why join?

Lettuce leaves are boring. Ready meals taste like the cardboard they’re packaged in. And counting calories…no-one has time for that!

You are what you eat. So if you’re craving a colourful and exciting life, you need nutritious, fresh foods that tantalise your tastebuds, fill you up and have you feeling fabulous!

Ready for a new you?

Your new life starts here. In 9 weeks, you could be saying hello to a healthier, happier and more energised you!

IMG_4906-001Meet your coach 

But first, say hello to Zazeh Morfittis - your personal health coach! She’s here every step of the way. And she won’t just love you and leave you. You’ll get personalised, real and relevant advice before, during and after your challenge.

Zazeh is a qualified wellness and weight management coach, personal trainer, accredited REHAB trainer and whole body vibration trainer. She knows her stuff. And she wants you to know it too!

Moderation is her mantra. Counting calories and eating boring ‘diet’ food is out. Delicious, nutritious and easy meals are in.

Meet your fellow challengers

There’s strength in numbers. So when you join the 9 Week Challenge, you gain access to a small, supportive online community. All you need is a Facebook account to join.

You can:

  • Ask advice
  • Give and get tips
  • Post and request recipes
  • Support your fellow challengers
  • Stay on track

Keep focused on getting the results you want.

Be part of our online community!


What you'll eat

What’s scrumptious, nutritious, cheap and easy to prepare? All the meals on your 9 Week Challenge!

Here’s a sample of the fabulous food you’ll eat.

Spniach & Feta Cheese Egg Roll
Black Bean Salad
Whole Baked Eggs

Tempted? Join the challenge!

The Hungry Person's Weight Loss Meals

Cover of iBook "The Hungry Person's Weight Loss Meals"


View in iTunes    Available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac


Quick & Easy Meals For People on The Go!

This book was created with the busy person in mind. The person who wants to lose fat, feel and look great without starving. The person who wants to prepare great tasting meals with a minimum of fuss.

It came about from the consistent requests of my wonderful clients who voiced aloud, “I don’t have much time” and “I don’t know what to eat” and with whom I constantly shared the meals I myself prepare and eat.

Reflecting and noting that so many people are in the same boat; always on the go, very little time and not quite sure of how to “throw” meals together, is what inspired me to write this book.

The meals in this book relate to my "9 Week Online Fat Buster Challenge” that predominately focuses on the food side of a healthy life. I hope you enjoy!

Success to you ♡

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!......quick and simple healthy meals that taste great AND all whilst sticking to a nutritional weight loss program. by Andria Perrone - who gave it 5 stars
  • I believe that the essence of the book really delivers quick, easy and not forgetting delicious meals. It shows you how to make 'Fast Food' meals without breaking the budget and recipes which go "back to basics" not like bought 'Fast Food'. Well done and thank you, can't wait for the next book!!!! by Linda Rostron - who gave it 5 stars