Release Your Heart Wall

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What can you do to remove these trapped negative emotions? How do you break down and release your heart wall? Life is full of many ups and downs – but sometime the downs can become so trapped in your mind and heart that these Negative Emotions become an issue. And … Read More

Do You Have A Heart Wall?

Have you experienced ongoing or heightened negative emotions in the past? Have you received an emotional injury that you have had trouble recovering from? Your subconscious, rightly so, wants to protect you from these Negative Emotions and can create a proactive barrier around your heart. But this can build up … Read More

What is a Heart Wall?

What if I told you that your body consists of two brains? What if I told you that your life force depends on your second brain? Your heart IS your second life force – your second brain – and your life force depends on it! All things in nature are … Read More