Can You Remove a Heart Wall in a Single Session?

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Honestly, I wish is was that easy.

But the truth of the matter is these emotional injuries, heartache and trauma have either happened over time, or the fallout from one traumatic event has built up over time.

These negative emotions have been built upon, each time layering upon each other to build the thick heart wall weighing you down now.


Why multiple sessions?

There’s no pill to pop. There’s no quick fix.

Emotions are complex. Your heart wall is layered with trapped emotions you’ve not been able to just flick away or ignore.

So peel off each layer… recovering from each heartache… all takes time.

You need to have the time and space to deal with each emotional layer trapped in your heart wall. Support yourself – don’t rush yourself.


What happens in the sessions?

I use my knowledge and experience to help guide you through your negative emotions toward your positive outcome.

I question. We talk. You question. We talk some more.

And as the layers peel off and fall away, your heart is released from its walled prison and is able to engaged in a fulfilling life – renewed in the energy and life force your body desired and deserved.


How many sessions do I need?

This process can’t be rushed. I can’t work with you continually for the entire day and release your trapped emotions – it makes sense that multiple sessions spread out over the next few weeks or months will be far more beneficial.

Some people find during the process of releasing their heart wall that they actually have a second wall – and that can be addressed, but may take more time.

Most of my clients book several sessions so that they have the flexibly and the mental space to properly deal with their trapped emotions.


The release of my heart wall

With your heart wall released, you’ll have a renewed sense of energy and life force within yourself. Many people experience a variety of positive emotions [link to other blog] and a new sense of purpose.

Typically once your heart wall is released, it does not return.


Are you ready?

Don’t let life pass you by. Release your trapped negative emotions and remove your heart wall. Reconnect with you own life force and those around you!

I’m Zazeh and I’m here to be your guide on this journey – please reach out and let me help you become your true YOU!

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