Do You Have A Heart Wall?

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Have you experienced ongoing or heightened negative emotions in the past?

Have you received an emotional injury that you have had trouble recovering from?

Your subconscious, rightly so, wants to protect you from these Negative Emotions and can create a proactive barrier around your heart. But this can build up over time to become more than a helpful shield – it can become an unhelpful Wall around your heart.

After time, this heart wall can become so thick and such a burden, that it affects your life in many negative ways.


Causes of Negative Emotions

Emotional injuries can take their toll on you and can be difficult to overcome – and once trapped in your subconscious, can be a blockage in the energy flow throughout your body,

Emotional trauma causing these injuries can include major life events such as the death of a loved one or divorce from a partner. Even to the extent of PTSD from a significant situation.

Past trauma can contribute to your current heart wall. Bullying or abuse in childhood, residue of a difficult marriage, a toxic work environment – all of these things may have been too difficult for you to overcome at the time, and are now contributing to your current situation.

Smaller things can also build up – be it the fracturing of a close friendship, or even ongoing life stresses – all of this adds layers upon layer to your wall until it becomes too much and affects your current life.


Physiological Effects

Depression may appear in a variety of forms and at a variety of times over the course of your life – and it may be that a trigger for these trapped negative emotions and the burden of your Heart Wall.

Other symptoms of lowered immunity and difficulty in healing are also effects of being unable to cope with these trapped Negative Emotions.

Releasing these trapped emotions can reduce that burden and help you start to heal.


Physical Symptoms

Despite being otherwise healthy, most people are overburdened with a heavy heart wall and will experience reoccurring, regular or constant physical tightness and pain in their bodies.

Despite traditional medical treatment, you may find you’re unable to overcome these uncomfortable physical effects. It may be that the trapped negative emotions are responsible for this pain – which explains the ineffectiveness of other medications.

It may be that releasing your heart wall can be the relief you seek.


Emotional Wellbeing

Have you found yourself becoming increasingly withdrawn?

Have you found that over time you have distanced yourself from those around you?

You may become less close to your partner or other loved ones. Perhaps you have disengaged yourself from your circle of friends and no longer participate in actives that you once enjoyed – it could even be to the extent that you are no longer invited.

This isolation is a common effect of trapped negative emotions overtaking your heart and your mind. They have sapped the life force out of you leaving you without the energy to connect.

Break down your wall of negative trapped emotions and reconnect and experience the love you deserve.


Feels Familiar?

If this feels familiar to you, this can peel off the multiple layers of negativity to overcome this burden.

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