How I Lost 15 kilos Eating More!

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How is that so, you might ask?……..

Here I was running every day, thinking this would be the answer to my weight loss nightmare, thinking I could outrun my unhealthy lifestyle!

Every article and personal trainer promised me weight loss results if I exercised more! They lied to me, nothing was changing!!! Why?

Diet shakes made me hungry, I was starving all the time and then there was the 3:30 hit; the sweet smell of café banana bread toasted with butter, the craving for that chocolate or biscuit! I would verbally abuse myself inside my head for hours so as to not cave into my hunger for crap! … sadly, 4 days out of 5, I would… Then dinner was a guilt infested meal, complete with a sugary feel rush that sent me into a food coma minutes after. The solution I told myself would be “go for a run first thing in the morning (what a punish!) and that will fix it”.

I now look back and realise my eating habits were an insane combination of starvation, blaming for the lack of will power and crappy food traits that never really evolved into something good. It sounds oh so simple when I say it out aloud now, although back then it all seemed like a mysterious challenge that I could never get my head around.

Here I am today though, with my fairy tale ending (well almost) … My fridge is full of colourful vitamin loaded food, I EAT THE MOST AMAZING SNACKS AND MEALS EVERRRR every day and I haven’t abused myself verbally in over 12 months….Phew!  Not to mention I am 15 kilos lighter with a great simple routine dedicated to food prep and a sensible exercise routine!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the major issue at hand was my food! My grocery shopping WAS a trolley loaded nightmare with pre packed boxes of snacks and treats that lived in my cupboard in case I felt like something sweet later (disaster zone 1), the fruit shop was a weekly visit filled with fruit and no vegetables (disaster zone 2) and the local bakery had my cheese and bacon bread roll on the ready every morning because breakfast was always on the run (3 strikes… ouch!).

This turning point wasn’t a new year’s resolution, or my duty as a bridesmaid to fit into a size 8 lace up dress or a glamourous party my frenemy was hosting and my ex – boyfriend was attending (you know the occasion I’m talking about) … It was a heading that grabbed my attention on Facebook that said “I eat more than ever and have lost 8 kilos doing it” … I thought there was no way this could actually be true? After digging a little further I thought I would give it a go. I mean why not? right? I was in need for some fresh inspiration! I’ll be honest, it sounded way too simple, it needed to be more than just this 9-week challenge? But it wasn’t… Two challenges later and a wealth of information, here I am telling you my story.

So after sharing my journey with the world, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my mentor and food magician Zazeh, for starting me on this healthy food addicted journey and teaching me how to create a better meal on my plate.

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