Release Your Heart Wall

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What can you do to remove these trapped negative emotions?

How do you break down and release your heart wall?

Life is full of many ups and downs – but sometime the downs can become so trapped in your mind and heart that these Negative Emotions become an issue. And the protective barrier you put up has become a thickly layered heart wall, removing you from the joys in life.

The word “heartache” is more than a common saying. The injuries to your mind and heart impact your physiological, physical, and emotional wellbeing – and have a flow on effect to your whole life force.


Getting Started

When working with my clients I do two things first to assess the situation. I do this in a preliminary session investigate two core Questions:

1)  Do you have a heart-wall?

2)  Are you ready to release your heart-wall?


1) You probably have a heart wall. The commonly accepted statistic is that at least 94% of people have some form of heart-wall keeping them (even mildly) from being their authentic self.

2) Usually “yes”, most people are ready – it is only in very few cases people just are not yet ready. The fact that you are reading this, shows that you are already staring your journey to self-healing.


How Your Heart-Wall Gets Released

The most important thing you can do to release your heart wall is to rid yourself of those trapped negative emotions blocking your energy flow. But how?

Slowly and deliberately. Emotion by emotion. Layer by layer.

Peeling back each heartache and each emotional injury. Thinning the heart wall each and every time, until it is completely gone and your energy can flow and rejuvenate your life force.

I use techniques described in The Emotion Code method, which is a “healing process of releasing the trapped emotions”.

The Emotion Code is as “simple” as it is transformative.

Over several sessions either by phone or any online audio service, I am a partner on your journey as I guide you through releasing each of your trapped emotions and eventually removing your heart wall.



Everyone’s situation is different therefore your desired and actual outcomes are unique – but people have expressed a range of positive emotions both during the process and at the end of the journey.

These positive emotions have included:

  • renewed feelings of hope
  • readiness to be open to new ideas
  • change in the psyche on a “Feeling” level
  • ability to give and receive love
  • genuinely feel and accept positive emotions
  • an emotional connection with others
  • ability to acknowledge feelings rather than numbness
  • feeling safe and secure deep in their being
  • feeling more conformable in the world

These positive emotions are empowered in your body, mind, and heart – to begin in the pursuit of the life you wished for.


What now?

Can you imagine being free from all of those built up negative emotions? Happiness and positivity are only a few steps away. Make the first step by contacting me today.

Zazeh at A Total Approach.

You are worth it and deserve a life free from your heart wall.


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