What is a Heart Wall?

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What if I told you that your body consists of two brains?

What if I told you that your life force depends on your second brain?

Your heart IS your second life force – your second brain – and your life force depends on it!

All things in nature are made of pure energy – and emotions are no different.


Emotions can range between positive and negative. As humans we seek positive emotions and positive energy, but of course negative emotions are also a part of life. These Negative emotions may come and go, and they can become a problem when they are trapped inside us.

Negative trapped emotions can be imagined as a blockage or an emotional injury. And these trapped emotions can be held anywhere in your body – including around your heart.

Heart Wall

A heart wall occurs when negative trapped emotions from those emotional injuries, build up over time. The barrier that was originally a defence mechanism to protect your heart, will literally be a wall around your heart – your body’s way of protecting itself from further emotional trauma. But over a period of time this wall will get bigger, until it ultimately becomes too big and is then a major burden on your heart and energy.

A heart wall can cause energy blockages, preventing you from allowing your heart energy to flow properly throughout your body. This will typically impact your physiological, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Effects of a Heart Wall

People with an over burdening heart wall, can have physiological effects of depression, isolation, lowered immunity and difficulty in healing. This can be coupled with physical symptoms of aches and pains throughout your body.

Emotionally, it can also stop you from being able to open your heart to others. Your heart wall can make you numb to others, making it much more difficult for you to connect with those around you. You might also have trouble in loving or being loved.

Sound Familiar?

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