Experiencing emotional & physical problems?

I can help you!

With The Body Code (a form of energy work) and as your body code practitioner, I can identify and correct the imbalances that are at the root cause of your emotional & physical problems. Your body has an amazing powerful ability to heal itself if conditions are right, so making those conditions right is important and exactly what I do.

From the health of the energy body where I release trapped emotional energies (emotional baggage) to the balancing of blocked chakras, meridians and more, there is also the physical side where I look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances. All of these are addressed according to whatever YOUR body needs.

The Body Code is basically all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right for your body to heal itself. Furthermore, it is a natural healing process that actually goes to the root cause of what is trapped in your energy fields and rebalancing your body thus allowing an environment for self-healing to occur.

Are you….

  • blocked from receiving or giving love
  • disconnected and unfulfilled
  • struggling to lose weight and keep it off
  • having difficulty coping with loss
  • going through a bad divorce or experiencing the aftermath of one
  • experienced an abusive situation
  • blocking abundance in your life
  • not moving forward or feeling trapped

Do you suffer from…

  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Back Pain or Knee Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sinus or Asthma
  • Or any other Dis….ease

Your imbalances can cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional and mental problems as well as disease. Releasing your imbalances will set you free and heal your body. Healing your body will allow you to feel alive, achieve optimum health, have great relationships and move forward to your financial freedom.

Are YOU ready to change your life with The Body Code?

Call me and I will show you how! Your Body Code Practitioner, Zazeh (servicing all of Australia and the globe)

"...most powerful & effective life changing work"

"I am definitely a raving fan!"

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Testimonials from our Happy Tribe of Body Code clients

Amazing Results from a Skeptic!

My name is Glenn and at the age of 49, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left wrist. My doctor told me that there was no operation to fix it and only drugs minimised the pain.

So I took painkillers every day and had no flexibility!

I approached Zazeh, who had previously helped me lose 20kg after working on my wrist and fingers with The Body Code. I am now pain-free and have 84% flexibility in my wrist after only 4 sessions.

I highly recommend Zazeh especially people who are a little bit sceptical as I was. She is amazing!


Regaining My Life & Driving Again!

I am a 43-year-old mother of five children.

I have been ill most of my life.

Three years ago, I was struck with a severe chronic illness that debilitated me enough to become bedridden for over a year. During that time, I was hospitalised 3 times and visited top doctors in Sydney to no avail and driving also became a challenge. I basically stop driving

 It then became loud and clear, it was time to source other avenues towards my healing.

 A year ago, I was introduced to Zazeh by a friend.

The first point of call Zazeh asked me to do, was a full body detox of various things and to change my eating habits.

Next was to slowly change my thoughts and behaviours.

 I was determined to regain my life and independence back and so, what was once a challenge would now be an ascension towards my abundance of victorious times. Within a year, I would now start to drive again and slowly but surely, I would build a fulfilling life in line with my values.

 It's been a welcome change as my body and mind are adapting towards a healthy body and healthy mind.

I have now regained my health and have a new outlook on life.

 This amazing women's talents and services are phenomenal. Each and every session is just mind-blowing, the stuff we uncover is unreal. I honestly never could have imagined the transformations my kids and I have experienced during the short time Zazeh has been working on us. 

Zazeh, I will always be grateful for everything you have done for us.
 Thank you!


Raving Fan!

I'm writing to you to thank you once again for the continued changes I see in me from the continued work I'm am doing with you using The Body Code. As you know I started with the heart wall & now I'm well on my way to my 4th Body Code pack.

Throughout my life, I have done a lot of counselling & subconscious work & read lots of self-development books. Of all the personal work I've done I believe this is the cheapest, least intrusive yet most powerful & effective life-changing work that I have done to bring about the greatest core-level change.

I am much more grounded & peaceful & overall less anxious. I also noticed that I am standing up for myself more & not allowing myself to be used. But the power to do so is not coming from an internal anger or defensiveness, but rather from self-love.

I feel like I'm more intuitive & in touch with my own feelings yet I am more emotionally balanced. It seems to take a lot more for me to get angry, frustrated or emotional & I seem to handle it better when I do.

Of course immediately after I do some work with you I go through emotional release but I am happy to experience that short-term emotional release as the reward of the long term change is so worth it.

Working with you as a practitioner has been amazing as I know you really have a heart for helping people. Because I highly value personal growth, I am excited to continue to work with you doing emotional & body code healing & listen to my self-development audio books.

I am definitely a raving fan!!!
With love & gratitude

Rochelle Judd xxx

Itching Relief

It was difficult for me to initially understand what Zazeh did and how she did it. But after seeing so many doctors and naturopaths in the last twelve years to find relief from unrelenting and soul-destroying eczema, I was willing to put my faith in her and having compatible belief systems helped.

It took 5 sessions for her to break my heart wall and by about the 2nd or 3rd session I started to feel a lot well, lighter.  Just not as heavy and difficult to move around, like I was back in my 20s!

Last week I noticed I was significantly lighter, remembering that when I last walked through those shops I had felt so heavily burdened and now I was flitting around with the greatest of ease.

The eczema was lessening as a result of some kinesiology but this healing is now accelerating the healing and I am enjoying more and more relief from that horrible all-over itch that had consumed my life and so much of my energy.

Thank you Zazeh

Monique P

From Angry & Bed Wetting to Happy, Vibrant & Thriving

Zazeh has been working on my son Joey for almost seven months now and the transformations have been phenomenal to say the least.

Joey was a very angry child since birth, his anger would take over him, which in turn would become uncontrollable and at times quite violent. As a result, he could not control his behaviour or his body. And so, bed wetting became a huge problem for him.

The deep emotions he had harboured had prevented him from living a thriving life.

His behaviour has now changed dramatically, no longer bed-wetting or angry outbursts. 
He is now a happy, vibrant, doing amazing at school and thriving 10-year-old boy.

Thank you Zazeh


"Right on the Money"

Wow! You are right on the money with all of this, so pleased I have you in my life, you are a true earth angel.

Thank you



Eczema, Fatigue, Thyroid & The Rest

My name is Melinda and I have been a hairdresser for four and a half years. I love my job but for most of my career, I’ve struggled with dermatitis and my health has suffered ever since. Many doctors have suggested to give up my job for the sake of my hands but this was simply not an option. But that wasn’t the beginning of it.

Ever since birth, I have lived with a blocked nose and explored endless ‘cures’, even surgery, for some relief, especially at night. In February, I had an attack of hives on my legs and my dermatitis had spiralled out of control, not to mention my nose was so blocked, I was breathing through my mouth alone. On top of this, my immunity was down and my thyroid was above average levels. I had felt like the energy had drained from my body and fatigue set in. I had no desire to go out and going to work became a struggle. I had hit an all-time low, thinking I would never recover.

After all of the steroid creams, cotton gloves, urine therapy (which helped to some extent), and countless antibiotic courses, mum and I had come to the conclusion that common methods of treatment and medicine was not the answer to my health problems. We had to think outside the box and seek out an alternative method of treatment that would not only improve my condition but also allow me to continue pursuing my dream job as a hairdresser. That’s when we discovered a form of natural healing through Zazeh and in the form of The Body Code. To be honest, I was a little sceptical as to what was involved, but I was at my wit’s end and decided to keep an open mind.

My first Body Code session included an evaluation, clearing of negative trapped emotions, and some underlying imbalances. At this point, through the nutritional evaluations, I was advised of a few remedies needed to clear up viral & fungal pathogens as well as some toxicity in my body. Included in that Zazeh suggested a simple 3-day liver cleanse. I started all the remedies, including the liver cleanse, and within those 3 days, the itchiness of my dermatitis disappeared and within a week, my hands were cured. In two weeks the hives were gone and my eczema cleared. My acne started to reduce and my skin has been the clearest it’s ever been.

I’m five months into the process with Zazeh and my thyroid is functioning normally again, (which I continue to keep a check through regular blood tests), my energy is back, I am no longer falling asleep on the couch after a short day of work, my eczema has cleared and I am breathing so much better.

My diet in general has changed, reducing processed foods and eating as natural as possible, which in turn has helped spike my energy levels and waking up in the morning is a breeze. I also continue doing a cleanse one day every week to keep my health on track.

I look forward to going to work each day, knowing that the events of the day will not have an emotional effect as they used to and my health won’t be compromised.

It’s a work in progress and thanks to my Emotion and Body Code practitioner, Zazeh Morfitis, whom I would highly recommend to anyone who has exhausted all medical avenues for their health and wellbeing.

Melinda De Bellis

Precious the Peeing Cat

Dear Zazeh,
I really didn’t know what to expect when I first asked you to work your Emotion Code skills on my 12-year-old white cat, Precious, who for about a year prior had started peeing very inappropriately around my house. However, you have transformed my beautiful girl back into one who uses the litter tray again.  Since around December 2014 we have only had one stray pee, every other time she has used the litter trays. I simply cannot believe it!  Not only has this behaviour been modified but her general demeanour is now more calm and she seems very contented. Along with all of this her general condition has improved; she has gained some weight and her coat is soft and gorgeous. Thank you so much for your regular updates, including the dietary advice for her, and your continued confidence that you would be able to help her. She is happy and I am happy and we are both so very grateful to you for all your knowledge and caring.

February 2016

Thank you for your ongoing support of my cat Precious.  You had suggested that working with animals, there may come a need for some reinforcement sessions. This, in fact, proved to be the case. After a few incidences of Precious reverting to her inappropriate peeing earlier this year, you very quickly addressed the issue and with just 2 sessions, she again started exclusively using the litter tray.  She is still a very happy and content cat exhibiting much more affection than she ever did prior to her first sessions with you in 2014.  Thanks again for your care of Precious and also your dedication to healing her and keeping her happy.

Yours sincerely,
—Ruth Farre & Precious

Pain-Free Knee

I could not bend my knee and I always had a lot of pain. Zazeh worked her magic and I can now bend my knee without any pain at all.

Thank you Zazeh!

Costa Thoedosiou

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